From far beyond the Ort cloud comes a circus like no other.

  Powered by imagination and steam, Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic-Auto Mechanical Circus blends Big-top tricks and Augmented Reality to bring you wonders from the outer edge of the universe. Inspired by encounters on his intergalactic search for the meaning of life Dr. Dodgy and his machinations have crafted an experience to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike.

Be prepared when the rocketship Bucephalus touches down in your home town, by downloading the app and bringing your iphone, android or compatible smartphone. For a full list of compatible devices visit Click Here.

Bring a friend and see circus in a whole new way.

Meet Alien, Artaficial Inteligance

capable of reading your mind!

Show Details

Dr.Dodgys Intergalactic Auto-Mechanical Circus is a 55 minute Augmented reality veriety show suitable for all ages. Certain aspects of the show will only be visable with a smart device and the free app, though you can enjoy the show without it. Limited devices may be supplied on a first come first serve basis. So make sure you've got the latest updates, charge your battery before heading to the theater, and get ready to see the circus in a whole new way.

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Cast & Crew

Andrew Towl

Dr.Dodgy, Space based tomfoolery, 3d modeling and animation, choriography, funny noises and folie, master of throwing things and sometimes catching them, hasn't lost any fingers yet!

Andy Cochrane

CTO, Intergalactic hacking and code artistry!

Coming to the Honolulu Fringe Festival

this January!

2nd Place Over-All at the

San Francisco AT&T Hackathon with

Magic leap

Be Prepared! Download the app for your prefered platform

Certain aspects of the performance can only be seen through your device, so check for updates and charge your battery before coming to the show!

Let Dr.Dodgy regale you with

tales of his galactic travels!

Be amazed by other worldy technology!